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How to earn profits trading Forex market

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Replace your income and have time freedom through learning
how to trade forex in FX Freedom course. Life by design.


Financial Freedom

Unlike most jobs that are driven by thriving economy’s, with forex you can profit from a bull market (uptrend) and a bear market (downtrend) due to the endless supply and demand of currency.

Time Freedom

Whether it be at home with your kids or sipping margaritas from the beach in Bora Bora. The forex market is assessable when it’s convenient for you!

Why Forex?

The foreign exchange market or forex (FX) for short is the buying and selling of currency’s. And it’s one of the biggest markets in the world!

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"95 % of people I talked to about it said I shouldn't do it. But then I realized… “They” are the ones stuck in their Jobs not making anymore money or learning new skills. After taking the course my nerves have been calmed and I feel a lot more confident! I’m planning on not working a summer job between school next year, but rather make money while trading."

− Calvin Steendam, 21, Student
  • Module 1 – Introduction
  • Module 2 – Psychology
  • Module 3 – Risk Management
  • Module 4 – Goal setting
  • Module 5 – Journaling
  • Module 6 – Technical Analysis
  • Module 7 – Patterns & Formations
  • Module 8 – Fundamental Analysis
  • Module 9 – Indicators
  • Module 10 – Trading Strategies
  • Module 11 – Executing a trade
  • Module 12 – It’s go time!
Traded Value Per Day
Cups of Coffee
Pips in 2015
Work Hours a Day

How to make money working 1 hour a day?

15 concentrated simple lessons. We give you the tools and strategy’s to start taking action on your future today.

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Forex Signals

Trade the markets by following. FX Market Leaders trading experts spot market opportunities and provide you with profitable, easy to follow trading signals.

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Are you a parent who will do whatever it takes to be there for your kids? You want to prioritize spending time with them and watching them grow rather than spending your life in an office every day? Work from home only a couple hours a day any time of day and spend the rest of your time with your family! Learning a skill as a couple will also allow income to still flow if something were to happen to one of you.



Are you thinking about your future and struggling to choose a career or something that you want to spend the next 30+ years doing? Yuck! Does the idea of spending over $50k+ on school, going into debt, and then being told by an employer or union you can only make a certain salary per year make you sick? Instead you should experience the world and be able to make income from anywhere you have an internet connection!


Oilfield worker

You work hard for your money, but you’re tired of spending weeks away from your friends & family, eating terrible food, and living in tiny a room with paper thin walls. The money is great but you live in fear of being laid off and having no income. You want solid steady income no matter the economy and want more family and vacation time. Freedom!



You are a true entrepreneur and know an opportunity when you see one. You love to educate yourself and grow your freedom fund while you sleep. Adding another capital creation vehicle to your multi-stream income portfolio will allow you to live the lifestyle you've worked so hard to create.